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Johnny's Pizza, Jonesboro, Georgia, USA

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Johnny's is a small Italian place with really good food and a friendly staff, located at 6534 Tara Boulevard, Jonesboro, Georgia, USA 30236. They have quite a variety on the menu. They have pizza, baked sandwiches, and all kinds of pasta. Their prices are very reasonable; an entrée generally costs $6 - $8. The portions are generous to say the least1. If you want something to drink, they have good selection of beer, including some odd imports.

For cheese lovers, you have to try their cheesy garlic bread; it's wonderful. Their specials are posted on a board in the corner and you'll rarely go wrong if you try one. They make a white pizza that the regulars seem to like. Their calzones are also very good.

They have weekly specials that are almost always worth trying. They generally cost between $10 - $13. They include a huge entrée, salad, and garlic bread.

The staff and the regulars are an interesting lot. They're often in a cluster around the small bar in the back. They're a good group of people, although it seems a bit soap-operaish at times.

If you're looking for good Americanized Italian food, you're missing out if you don't try Johnny's Pizza2.

Driving Directions

From Atlanta, drive south on I-75. Go about 3 miles south of the perimeter and exit at Highway 19/41(Also known as Tara Boulevard) southbound. Go to the third light at Mount Zion Boulevard and make a U-turn. Johnny's Pizza is just past the Red Lobster.

1 If you have any kind of an appetiser, plan on taking half of the portion home for lunch the next day. 2 This is not part of the Johnny's Pizza chain that is also in Atlanta.

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